Saturday, October 06, 2007

Global Day of Action for Burma

Today is the Global Day of Action for Burma. Protests and other events are being organised in 100 cities in 30 countries to show support with the people of Burma. Protesters are condemning the brutal crackdown in Burma and putting pressure on their own governments and the UN to take urgent action over Burma. It is hoped that the unified voice of the global citizens will provide some protection to monks and other democracy activists in Burma who are either risking their lives or facing torture in detention. More details at the Facebook group Support the Monks' Protest in Burma.

Bilhegandu for Burma

The Facebook group Cry Freedom - Maldives organised an event to show support with the people of Burma on October 4 evening. The event 'Bilehgandu for Burma' involved gathering near the 'Tsunami Monument' near Thin Baaru Vaki Kuraa Maidhaan or Separation of Three Powers Square and chewing of betel leaves. The activists also held a banner supporting democracy in Burma. People of Male' stopover at this point to buy and chew betel leaves from the parked push-carts. Cry Freedom - Maldives said chewing of betel leaves is something common that Maldivians have with the Burmese people. However, it was not lost on the activists that what is most significant similarity between Maldivians and Burmese is that both nations are ruled by dictatorships that are suppressing the call for freedom through brutal tactics.

Here is the report of the event prepared by the group Cry Freedom - Maldives.

Despite the heavy rain more than 30 cry freedom members with their friends came to show their support for the Burmese people. We all gathered at the tsunami memorial at about 9 45.

At about 10 we hoisted the banner which read “bilehgandu for Burma, we are with the people of Burma -rise up-free Burma-cry freedom”it was a beautiful site. we all were happy to make new like minded friends, Who gave a damn about human rights here and around the world.

At 10 15 we were peacefully sitting on the sea wall with the banner hoisted. Police patrols start driving around.

Police van comes and starts taking pictures. We all were very happy that the police were supporting this event.

At about10 30 the police van pulls up to us and asks us
Why are u writing stuff about BURUMA !!!
We tell them that B –U- R –M- A spells BURMA not BURUMA
Ok they say so wats all this about
We say we are hear to show our solidarity towards the Burmese people who were calling for their rights. And freedom we are not hear for any political reasons,
We said that its our right to gather hear, it’s the only area in male wear people cud gather without permission.
The policeman says yeah its ok, some of them chew our bilehgandu
The police van leaves the area

We get back to our peaceful sitting. We get some bilehgandus from the nearest gadiyaa .
We start chewing it peacefully (no raikulhu was ever spat on the area)

At about 10 45 the police van returns with two patrol cars.
Surround us.
This time all the policemen gets out of their cars comes to us and says that .this is against the law
They tell us that they will have to confiscate the banner
They don’t give us any real reason

Since we didn’t want any problems .we gave them the banner. They go away. Smiling .
At 11 20 protest comes to an end with our rights violated by the very people who are supposed to protect it-

Pictures of the event has been posted on the event page and cry freedom page
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Thursday, October 04, 2007

!Free Burma

Free Burma!

Join international bloggers posting only one blog post to their blogs on October 4, to show support with the democracy movement in Burma. Like Maldives, Burma is also being ruled by a dictatorship. At this moment, thousands of monks and democracy activists are detained, and they may be tortured. International pressure is needed to reduce the extent of brutality exercised by the military junta in Burma.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Put your name in open letter to UN urging action over Burma

Put your name in an open letter to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, urging urgent action concerning Burma. This open letter, initiated by, is one way you can show your support to the peaceful protests in Burma and join people from the rest of the world in showing solidarity with Burmese people.
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