Saturday, May 01, 2010

Time to clean up the judiciary

Why is 7th August 2010 an important date? It is all tied to Article 285 of the constitution. "The Constitution (Art. 285) requires the Judicial Services Commission to determine, within 2 yrs of the Constitution coming into effect, whether or not all judges in office at the time the Constitution came into effect possess the qualifications of a judge as specified in Article 149 of the Constitution." The countdown has begun. Is the JSC able and willing to take on this formidable task? Now a member of the JSC brings to the public domain, how the JSC works behind closed doors; the vested interests and the lethargy gripping the JSC is being exposed. Are you concerned about child abusers and rapists getting shamefully short sentences? Are you concerned about cases of domestic violence filtering through the judicial system without justice being delivered? Are you concerned there are very few cases in which suspected perpetrators are convicted for murders and violent crimes? It is time to clean up the judiciary. Read Aishath Velezinee's blog and join her campaign to make JSC accountable. It is the duty of all citizens to ensure our judiciary is clean and efficient.
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