Friday, September 28, 2007

Wear red today to show support for Burma's peaceful protests

The biggest threat to the military junta in Burma has come when thousands of monks and other people supporting freedom started marching peacefully against the military rule. Today (Friday, September 28) people are wearing red shirts or red dresses worldwide to show their support for the peaceful protests in Burma. The event is organized through a Facebook group.

Like Maldivians the people of Burma are also suffering under a brutal dictatorship. Show that Maldivians care about the people of Burma by wearing red today. We are promoting this event through our Facebook group Idhikeeli Maldives.

Join a worldwide campaign to show support for the cause of freedom in Burma. Wear red today and upload a picture of yourself to the Red Shirt for Burma Picture Group to show your support.

You can also upload photos to the Red Shirt for Burma Flickr pool.


Gow said...

Convert to Buddhism - it's superior to Islam in every way.

Anonymous said...

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