Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Idhikeeli endorses Anni

Idhikeeli endorses Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) of MDP in the first multi-party election of the Maldives, and looks forward to a new government headed by Anni.

We urge all Maldivians to be non-violent and peaceful on Election Day, as Maldivians vote to elect the first President under a Presidential System. The constitution ratified in August provided us with a presidential system with improved checks and balances, and a greater degree of separation of powers. However, we look forward to amendments that will introduce a 4 year term for presidency, mid-term elections and a bicameral parliament. |

We look forward to an MDP-Gaumee Ithihad government which will respect workers' rights, especially the rights of migrant workers, encourage the formation of workers unions, and put no restrictions on the rights of freedom of expression and assembly enshrined in the constitution.

Along with Nasheed, Idhikeeli also endorses his running mate Dr Waheed. The term 'running mate' is relatively new to Maldivians, having being introduced because of a presidential system, but is one of the most commonly used terms in Maldives now. We hope Dr Waheed will be an excellent Vice President.

We appeal to all voters not to sell their vote to greedy and sleazy politicians trying to establish a plutocracy in the Maldives.

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