Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote for Democracy

Mohamed Nasheed (Anni), the candidate Idhikeeli endorsed for the first round of the presidential election, is contesting in the run-off with incumbent president Gayoom. It is a contest between democracy and autocracy. It is a contest between the rule of law and totalitarian rule. It is a contest between the dream of a better life and a life of suffering. Vote for Anni. Vote for Democracy.

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Anni_Big_Bro said...

We voted for Anni, but today we see a different person turning against the democracy we voiced for. Protests against his policies are clamped down. Protesters are beaten up by police on his order and pepper-sprayed at women and children. He is even saying publicly that he does not want to listen to protests (people voice)!! Despite people's wish he is doing what he wants such as extending the lease period of the resorts.