Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Freedom will come to all schools

There was a protest by outgoing Grade 12 students from Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) after they finished A Level exams this June. The students wanted drastic changes to be implemented in the high school and demanded the resignation of key administrators. Ajay Makan of Minivan News has done an excellent reporting of the protest.

CHSE has been the centre of attention for some months because of gross mismanagement by the current administration. A student has been suspended since February 19 for allegedly writing an article about a teacher for E-Sandhaanu magazine. Even though this allegation has not been proved, the student still remains under suspension and he was not even able to sit in the first year’s final semester exams.

A female student has accused a mathematics teacher of sexual harassment while she attended a tuition session. A case has been filed at Criminal Court by the student’s family. However, CHSE’s Principal allowed the teacher to sneak away to his home country before the matter was investigated.

The protest shows that CHSE students will no longer tolerate the abuses going on. It shows that students of Maldives will rise up against injustices. The young generation of Maldives is currently more aware of their rights than their predecessors. The young people who will finish studies from schools now will make better choices socially, politically and in other aspects. It is not because the schools provide them with quality education but because they try to fill the void through Internet, books and other sources.

This generation will not be guinea pigs of MDP (the ultra right, conservative, self-proclaimed saviours without any concrete policies but hollow promises) and they will neither become stooges of DRP (the ultra right, conservative, corrupt, brutal barbarians who has destroyed the hopes of so many people during the past three decades). Politicians beware!


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