Thursday, July 26, 2007

No need to celebrate

Today is our Independence Day. But there is no need to celebrate. Despite the flags on the streets and lights on buildings we do not have freedom.

Even as some Maldivians celebrate, a journalist is in prison. Three years after the death of Eavan Naseem, torture is still being used as a tool for repression. Thousands of people are living below poverty line in the islands. In the capital Male’ decent housing is not affordable and not available.

Why are we at this pathetic state?

There are several reasons why the regime is able to oppress us. One reason is there is no separation of powers. The regime has been keeping the judiciary under its control, denying us justice. It has been keeping the parliament under control through appointed members, ministers and cronies.

Why did our parliament vote unanimously to keep a dictator in power in 2003 even before a week passed after Eavan Naseem was tortured to death? It is because our parliament members do not care about us.

Some of the MPs who voted for Gayoom that day are now labeled as reformists. They are in the guise of reformist MPs belonging to the ‘opposition’ MDP.

With the televising of Parliament and Constituent Assembly sessions Maldivian public are seeing the true colours of our MPs. They are wasting time, arguing over trivial matters and enjoying their salaries. Do you want to give more powers to such a body?

Do you want to bring a system in which the Executive is appointed by the Parliament? Do you want to bring a system in which the powers of the Executive overlap with that of Parliament? Do you want to bring a system in which the majority party MPs will pass Laws as they wish in the Parliament and have the powers of the Executive in their hands as well?

Keep the Parliament where it belongs. Let the MPs make legislation and scrutinize the powers of the Executive. But do not let them enjoy the powers of Executive as well. Do not allow Cabinet Ministers to be in our Parliament.

Vote for a system that separates the powers of the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary. Vote for Presidential System. Vote for Separation of Powers.


subcorpus said...

though i dont agree with all of what u have written here ...
my limited knowledge thinks that a presidential system sounds pretty good for a country like maldives ...
but ... i might be wrong ...

nass said...

i think we should be more optimistic and look at the bright side rather than saying stuff like "Today is our Independence Day. But there is no need to celebrate."

Ofcoz there's a need to celebrate. We got independence coz we all wanted it. Ne need to bring back that unity to make our country better.

love ur country... :)

asoa said...

I suggest that you remove my email address from your mailing list.

I don't have time for the politics craps and I don't have time to download those attachments.

idhikeeli said...

asoa: As requested your email address has been removed from the mailing list now. Sorry for any inconvenience.