Saturday, July 28, 2007

Writers for Presidential System

A number of writers have argued for introduction of a Presidential System in the Maldives. Abdulla Shinan has written for Adduvas magazine while Ibrahim Moosa Fulhu has written for Fiyes, explaining the merits of Presidential System.

Some of those articles were written back in 2006 when there was more room for a balanced debate on the two systems. However, it is the propaganda that is prepared by MDP, Minivan Daily and weekly magazines dominates now. Even though few writers still write to mainstream media on the merits of a Presidential System it is difficult to hear their voices because they are drained by the noise of the propaganda.

In the coming days we will publish articles written by Maldivian writers arguing for a Presidential System as well as articles explaining how the two systems work. We hope that by reading those articles you will see some new perspectives other than what the political parties and their media tell us.

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